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Keeping your home mold-free

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Mold is that insidious substance that is found in every home and which thrives on moisture and dark spaces. Molds can be detrimental to a person’s health and can be serious for people with underlying pulmonary conditions such as asthma or COPD. Mold can also trigger allergies that resemble other, more common allergies. It can manifest in:

A stuffy nose
Eye irritation
Sore throats

Some forms of mold can also cause a bacterial form of pneumonia.

Understanding this, it is crucial to ensure that mold is stopped in its tracks anywhere it might start forming in your home. It is important to check those areas that mold tends to favor including under sinks, behind toilets, in bathrooms and around dishwashers and washing machines – in short anywhere there is a regular source of running water. Mold can also form around outside windows and door frames where leaks might go undetected until the water source is stopped.

The best way to prevent mold from forming is to keep all of these areas as dry as possible. Don’t let water stand and wipe down wet surfaces whenever you see them. When showering, turn on the fan before you shower and let it run for at least twenty minutes after your shower to properly clear the air of moisture.

If you do spot mold, you should deal with it immediately. Both bleach and vinegar are very effective at killing mold, but vinegar is better at doing so on porous surfaces where it can seep into the surface and kill the mold deep down. To clean mold be sure to wear rubber gloves and a face mask as when mold is disturbed it will rise into the air and can very easily be breathed in.

Use a solution of 1liter water to ½ a cup of either bleach or vinegar and scrub at the mold spots until they are gone. Once the spots are gone, let the solution dry on the surface to fully penetrate it and kill whatever is beneath the surface. Repeat as often as necessary to kill all of the spores.

As long as you prevent the conditions for mold forming, are proactively about cleaning any that you see right away and are vigilant about keeping moisture away from hot spots, you can live mold-free.


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