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Lakeside Living

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Nothing says summer better than sitting in a lawn chair on a dock overlooking a lake while sipping a cool drink. Lakeside living in Toronto is actually easy to find given the number of superb lakes that the province boasts. If you are thinking about moving to cottage country and want the ultimate lakeside cottage, then you are not alone. Lakeside living is gaining momentum as a younger generation of adults are opting to live rurally on their off-time and rent in urban centers for their daily living.
Lakeside cottages require slightly more care than those found on a on-waterfront site. The presence of a shoreline means that the activity of your household will directly affect the quality of the water and the integrity of the shore. In order to maintain your shoreline and prevent costly repairs that might be necessitated by improper use, it is best to take care when developing your property. Hiring a certified contractor who is familiar with building along shorelines is a must if you need to install or replace a dock. You must hire someone who will minimize the impact of the work done to the shoreline in order to spare the environment as much damage as possible
If your water system empties into the lake you will have to change the kind of soaps and cleansers you use inside your cabin. Direct draining into the lake of commercial cleanser can significantly raise the levels of phosphorus and nitrogen in the water, which in turn will contribute to the aging process and lead to the death of the lake. Even if your water system doesn’t drain into the lake, to minimize the effects of leaching into the lake it is best to use low-impact cleansers. It is also recommended to keep your septic system up-to-spec.
When looking for the right lakeside home in Toronto for your needs, it is best to consider the kind of lake you want to live near as well. Some lake allow motorized watercraft while others don’t. Motorized watercraft will come with noise and water disturbance. If this is not something you are into, then it is best to look for a lake where these are not permitted.
The right lakefront property is out there – as long as you know what you want and how to care for it, lakeside living is a dream that is definitely attainable!


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