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Is Condo Living For Families?

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With the rising cost of single family homes in Ontario, apartment and condo living has become more desirable and affordable for many families. However, how feasible is it to live comfortably with a family in a condo? Luckily, the answer is that it can be very comfortable! Depending on the complex you choose, condos can offer plenty in the way of convenience for families. Many come with indoor pools, fitness facilities, entertainment areas and outdoor playgrounds. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of condo living with kids.
Commute: Living in a condo means being able to live in the city. Living in the city means a shorter commute to work, more time spent at home and less stress overall. Living in a condo also means simplifying your life.
Less in more: Given the limited amount of space available, it will be impossible to fill it up with all of those things that come with owning a larger house.
Togetherness: With a small square footage, it means a larger communal space, which means that everyone will have to find a way to get along since there won’t be anywhere to run off to and hide. It is a way of forcing children to connect with their siblings and parents that is not always possible in a larger home.
Noise level: Children are notoriously loud. It can be hard keeping their noise levels down when they are young and want to play. Living in a condo – especially on an upper floor, will mean restricting their ability to run around and will mean containing their enthusiasm to an acceptable indoor level.
Neighbourhood: Generally living in a condo means living in a city – cities tend to be sparse on the services they offer for families, although the services that are available will be close and easy to get to.
Space: What some will see as a boon at bringing their family together, others will see as a negative. A smaller space will mean no real place to retreat to if you want to alone time.
Regardless of what you decide, raising a family in a condo is not uncommon and there are millions of happy families across the globe who are content to live in a smaller place. In the end, your priorities and what you want from your lifestyle are what will determine where you will raise your brood.


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