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Wrapping plants for the winter months

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If you have lovely evergreens or shrubs on your Toronto property, then you would definitely want to protect them from the damages of cold, wind and snow. Protecting them from the elements is a very useful way to ensure the health and well-being of your green friends and one of the best ways to do this is to wrap them in burlap or one of the newer materials available at your local nursery or garden supply centre. However – beware of plastics as they don’t allow plants to breathe properly.
Wrapping your Toronto shrubs is not necessary – you can also cover small shrubs with mulch or leaves, but it is the best solution for delicate plants and for plants that have been meticulously landscaped. Covering plants protects them from winter burn, which is the result of sunlight and not enough moisture in the soil.
It is very simple to wrap your plants. The first thing to do is to plant wooden stakes into the ground around your plant so that you can wrap your protective material around them – try not to let the material touch the foliage. Although not terrible, it is best to leave room for the plant to breathe. If you are using plastic then it is necessary to keep it away from the foliage as any freezing that occurs can damage the plant.
You should wrap your plants just ahead of the cold season and remove the wraps as soona s the weather moderates. The plants that need protection most are the new shrubs and trees.
With just a little care you can have your green bushes and trees looking healthy for many summers to come!


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