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Hottest Real Estate Neighborhoods in the GTA

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Toronto’s real estate market is hot. Despite the slow down that it experienced last year, the market is still humming along nicely. Although the gains are not as high as those seen in previous years, they continue in the high single digits. So, investing in the housing market remains a wise decision. Naturally, there are some areas of the city that area nearing their peak value level. Therefore, if your are planning on maximizing your return on investment you should look to up-and-coming communities.

Toronto’s east end is the area to watch in 2019. With much of the west already gentrified, many investors and homeowners are looking to the east for good deals, and with good reason. With Leslieville already established as a hot neighborhood, the next shoot to watch is Gerard Street East. Many new store fronts and restaurants have opened lately and it is seeing a major transition from what it was before. Some are comparing it to what Leslieville was a decade ago. Two other neighbourhoods to watch are East Harbour and the East Danforth. East Harbour is looking up due to the expected new transit stop at Gerrard and Carlaw. There is a new development planned for East Danforth that is expected to ease the strong demand this area is currently experiencing.

If you are not interested in the east, you can always look to Oshawa, Clarrington, Innisfil, Brock and New Tecumseh. All of these areas are now easier to get to given the extension of new highways and the building of new transit options. They offer plenty of value as homes are still relatively lower priced compared to other areas of the city and are much more affordable.

Investors and homebuyers should take heart that Toronto is set to continue its real estate growth in 2019. As a magnet for new immigrants to Canada and with that putting pressure on housing, the potential for the GTA housing market is still significant.


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