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Fabulous Touchless Faucets

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The faucet you choose for your Toronto kitchen remodel will make all the difference in the world when it comes to washing up. Along with the sink you choose, the faucet will play an integral role in setting the tone for the style of your kitchen. And, with so many styles to choose from and features to consider, finding the right fit for your needs and budget can take longer than you anticipate.

Gone are the days where your kitchen faucet was a standard tap with two temperature control knobs on either side. Today’s range of faucets include everything from your old fashioned versions to touchless, sensor-controlled taps that require merely a wave of your hand to activate. The faucet you choose will need to fit into your renovation budget and the design tone established for your kitchen.

Gaining in popularity are touchless faucets. There are two versions of touchless taps – those that are powered with triple A batteries and those that are hardwired to the home’s electricity. Both options work just as well, with the battery powered faucets simply requiring battery changes every so often. Depending on the brand installed, regular faucet use will require the batteries to be changed every year. While the hardwired versions won’t require battery changes, they will require an electrician to install.

Although slightly more expensive than their counterparts, touchless faucets have several advantages.

Fighting germs

In our pandemic-driven world, germs are a very real concern. Faucets are a high-concentration area for germs since you must touch the faucet before washing your hands. Having a touchless faucet in such instances is highly convenient and makes it easier to keep germs at bay.


When cooking your hands will get dirty – and turning on the tap while your hands have been touching raw meats or kneading dough will mean having to disinfect your fixtures afterwards. However, with a touchless faucet you can wash your hands without worry of having to clean/disinfect your taps.


Another advantage of a touchless faucet is water conservation. The water won’t keep running, the sensor will automatically shut off so there is no water wastage. If you pay for water consumption, you will readily see a savings after the installation of a touchless faucet.

There are some cons to consider if you are thinking of a touchless faucet. They are more expensive than a regular faucet. They do need an electrical source and, if it is hard-wired to your home’s electricity, in a power failure you won’t have water. Lastly, you can unintentionally activate it when moving dishes around. Overall, a touchless faucet is considered an upgrade and will add value to your home.


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