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Decking ideas

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It’s summer in Toronto and that means barbeque season has started! Enjoying the outdoors at home is easily done if you have a great deck or patio to host your warm weather activities. Today we’ll look at decks – specifically at the options for edgings and railings. Both elements can really upgrade and change the look of your deck – quite easily and without as much work as replacing boards or staining it.

The usually railings for decks were made from the same material used to build the deck – so either treated wood, cedar or composite decking. However, now you can also use glass, galvanized steel or lattice screening. If you want to get really creative then you can also use tree branches, rope or steel wiring.

The kind of railing you use for your Toronto deck will entirely depend on the look and functionality of your deck. More modern surroundings opt for glass, galvanized steel or wiring while more rustic, traditional yard can use the same material used to build the deck, wood branches or rope. There is also different levels of maintenance required for each type of railing. Glass will require constant cleaning to keep clear, but is a great option for those who want an uninterrupted view of their yard. Steel will require occasional painting to keep fresh and vibrant. Even wood will require occasional staining to refresh.

However, there is another option for edging that can really boost the look of your deck – flower boxes. Whether built from wood or stone, flower boxes around your deck is also practical because it clearly marks the edges of the deck (for safety reasons), creates an unobstructed view line around the yard and softens the lines of the deck by incorporating vegetation and colour into the design.

In the end your choice of railing will come down to your deck’s overall design, your style aesthetic and also budget as certain of the ore modern railings will cost more than the more traditional styles.


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