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Custom Designed Real Estate Marketing Materials

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Custom designed homes deserve to be showcased properly – and giving them custom designed marketing materials is only fitting. In a hot real estate market like Toronto’s, a property needs all of the support it can get to stand out from the rest of the field. While traditional real estate marketing methods such as the sign in front of the house and newspaper listings are still widely used, it is now necessary to tailor your marketing goals to suit the home you are selling.
Online listings are derigeur and one of the new “must-have” tools in any realtor’s arsenal, however, not just any listing will do. Custom online listings can include video tours of the property, voice-over narration describing the home and community, maps of the surrounding neighbourhood and professional photo galleries. A simple online listing stating the name of the community in which a property is found, the details of the property and a short description might suffice for an ordinary home – but if you have a luxury listing then it is important to showcase it properly. The proper marketing environment can actually boost the sales price and shorten the time that a listing is on the market.Our new look reflects our future direction and growth. Alongside our existing array of services, we are pleased to announce the addition of several forward-looking tools specially designed for realtors who understand how the use of leading technology can boost their listings. The new services include:
Print Materials
Again when it comes to brochures, foldouts and other forms of print marketing for real estate listings, custom creations are the way to go. Generic hand-outs might work for regular listings, but high-end homes require a finesse that can only be found in a custom creation. Professional photography, original copy writing and distinctive layouts can all go a long way toward positioning a property in a new or more captivating light. Whether you choose a regular postcard, a brochure or an executive folder to promote your listing, the quality will determine whether it is marketing money well spent or not. 
In order to stay competitive and to meet the ever-changing and demanding needs of luxury home-buyers everywhere, we have enhanced the tools that we offer realtors. You need to properly showcase your high-end homes and we have the means to help you create the exclusive and unique experience required to set your property listings apart from the rest.
Marketing your real estate listing has become a very specialized field and is one that requires the expertise of marketers who know how best to promote property listings. Imaginahome Inc. is proud to be one of the first such firms in the GTA. Through the years we have honed our craft, expanded our offerings and grown in size to accommodate even the most ambitious of projects.
Give us a call today to see how we can customize your real estate marketing materials to get you that fast, efficient sale.


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