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Creating a functional home office

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The corona virus has forced many Toronto employers to modify how they operate. Social distancing has required greater numbers of people to work from home. However we are not all set up for efficient and productive working from home. If you find yourself in this situation, we will cover a few ideas to help you create a comfortable and functional workspace until you are able to return to an office full-time.

Your needs
Write down exactly what you need from your office space. Do you need a large surface for reference material or files? Do you need quiet? Do you require a window or would that distract you? How susceptible are you to distraction? Do you need to elevate your feet? What kind of lumbar support do you require? Knowing what the functional needs of your office space are will help you decide on where and how to set your space up.
Find inspiration
The internet is a great place for finding ideas for your own home. However, bear in mind that sometimes what works well in a photo might not be the most functional when it comes to actually working. For instance, if you work with a lot of files, documents or reference material, then opting for a small but attractive antique desk might not be your best option. Colour is another essential component to any successful office space. Unless you work well with a lot of stimulation, then opting for a tranquil and subdued palette is a better option than a bright, primary hue. No matter what designs you find that inspire you, it is best to adapt them to suit your personality and needs.
Lighting is a very important element of any office space. While natural light is crucial to your well-being, having some form of table lamp is necessary to supplement the darker hours of the day or to brighten up regular household lighting, which tends to be designed for ambiance instead of work.
It is impossible to work if you are uncomfortable. If you don’t already have a good office chair, then you might want to invest in one. Being well supported is necessary if you are going to spend long hours of the day sitting down. If you need to elevate your feet, then having a good foot rest is crucial to acquire as well.
Find good ways of storing your work implements. If you are a messy worker, then you might want to invest in a desk that can be closed up at the end of the day to hide your mess. Otherwise you can get colour coordinated boxes that can be stored away neatly until you need them again. Whatever you choose, find a solution that matches your work habits.

If you have to share a workspace with someone else in your home, it might be a good idea to find alternate space in your home to work. If that is not possible, you can create an easy room divider to help delineate your respective spaces. Another idea is to try working at different times of the day so that you don’t interrupt each other.

Remember that creating a routine is also very important to successfully working from home. Getting up, getting dressed and following the same schedule you would if you were leaving the house for work, will help you be more productive and keep you happier over the long run.

You can be productive and efficient while working from home – as long as you plan your space properly and follow a routine.


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