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Caring for your fish pond

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If your Toronto home includes a fish pond in the backyard, you probably already know how enjoyable these natural additions to your yard can be. However, if you are new to the game or contemplating such a feature, then there are a few things to keep in mind. Along with the proper placement and installation of such a feature, it’s also important to remember that they will require seasonal maintenance to remain in tip-top shape. Here is a basic overview of how to keep your fish pond in perfect shape.
Once the temperature starts to rise and you can see the life begin to return to your pond, it’s time to get it ready for another season. You can start by “unwinterizing” it – basically undo whatever you did in the winter to get it ready for the cold. This will include:
– Turning on the pump
– Feeding the fish once the temperature hits a constant 10 degrees
– Clean out any accumulation of leaves or debris or use a product to accelerate debris decomposition such as Microbe Life Sludge Away or EcoFix.
– Pump the water out of the pond until just covering the fish – conserve this water in a large receptacle that’s been placed in the shade
– Catch your fish and transfer for the receptacle
– Remove the plants if repotting is necessary and place in the shade and cover with a damp cloth; underwater plants should be placed in a container of water
– Once you’ve pumped as much water as possible from the pond, it’s time to finish removing sludge and debris – don’t use chemicals at this stage
– After everything is clean, you can return the water from the receptacle to the pond along with the fish
– Remember to add a dechlorinator to the water and then top up the pond with water from your hose
– Replace the plants while the water is refilling
Your pond is now ready for another season. Additionally tips:
– Fertilize plants every 3-4 weeks
– To reduce algae you can add Anacharis
Summer Care
Your plants will need constant care during your pond season. You’ll have to always remove dead leaves or debris. You will have to feed your fish properly. You should check and clean your filter regularly. Make sure that there’s proper aeration happening on especially warm days. And mostly, now is the time to really enjoy your pond!


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