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Asian Inspirations

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Last week we covered minimalist living, this week we want to talk about Asian-inspired living spaces for your Toronto home. Whether you are looking to create a Zen retreat from top-to-bottom or just one room to soothe your yearning for a more balanced state-of-mind, here are some good tips for setting up the perfect Asian-influenced interior.
The first thing to know is that “Asian” is a catch-all phrase for Eastern infused decorating styles and includes everything from Chinese to Indian elements. However, all of these styles have one thing in common: balance. The concept of balance is one that permeates all design, but especially so in Asian design where more formal constructs underpin interior décor. Balance can be created by the proper use of colour, form and texture. If you don’t get the balance of your space correct, your Asian setting will not succeed.
Choosing the right backdrop for your room is another very important element of your Asian design. As much of Asian design is based on nature, backdrops often take on the colours and textures of the outdoors or incorporate natural elements including tree and flower patterns, colours and impressions. Japanese paper screens, Indian lattice work or Korean colour-emphasis, choosing one predominant element around which to build the rest of your design is your best bet.
Sculptural lighting is another mainstay of Asian design. Using lighting is one of the easiest ways to create a to create a soft, calming ambiance in your home. Regardless of whether you have an installation of paper lanterns, a row of candles or more structured, formal light fixtures, this can be a very simple way of getting that Eastern-living look.
Minimalism is another staple of oriental décor. Sleek lines, muted but rich colours and an overall theme that pulls the space together are imperative to any successful Asian-themed interior.
Lastly, don’t forget to include plants and greenery in your design! Having a lovely little Bonsai, some decorative bamboo or some other structured plant in your room will enhance the decor immensely.


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