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Air Conditioning and You

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Air conditioning may not seem like a necessity in Canada, but with the summer’s heat invariably comes the need for a cool escape. Whether you live in a house, condo or apartment, there are solutions to fit every place when it comes to keeping cool during a heat wave.
The easiest solution to air conditioning your home is to determine just how large of an area you want to cool. The size of the unit that you purchase will depend entirely on the space you want to chill. If you are looking at cooling your whole house down, then the units you should look at will be very different from someone who only wants to cool down one room.
Once you know the size of the space you need to cool down, then you can calculated the number of BTUs the unit you purchase will have to output. To calculate this measurement you can use a handy online calculator like the one found over here //bit.ly/2969wii. The number you get is the minimum BTUs you will need to have in order to effectively cool down your room.
Since every air conditioning system works on taking the hot air from your home and pumping it outside, it is necessary to have a window available for your AC unit.
Window Units
Window units are the least expensive option when it comes to air conditioners. They are portable machines that you can install in your window with minimal fuss. They are great for cooling down small spaces or just one room of a house. They tend to range in price and efficacies to really low-end, inexpensive to better quality more powerful units at a higher price point.
Free-Standing Units
Free-standing air conditioning can be placed in any room as long as you are able to properly vent it out a window. When you are purchasing a free standing unit be sure to check whether it has a dual hose or single hose vent. The single hose is good for smaller spaces, but in larger areas it can cause your unit to overheat and stop working. However, the single hose options are less expensive than their dual hose counterparts but won’t be as efficient in a large room.
Wall Units
Wall air conditioning units will require you to touch the masonry of your home in order to install the unit directly into the wall, but it is very effective at cooling down large spaces and/or smaller homes. They are also require a significant investment – but one that will definitely pay off on hot, sweltering days.
Central Air Conditioning
The grandaddy of all air conditioning systems central air is the luxe solution to your cooling needs. Although this system comes a hefty price tag it will last a long time and be more efficient over the long run.


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