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National Home Show

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The National Home Show is currently underway at the Enercare Centre Exhibition Place in Toronto. The yearly gathering of home-related vendors, suppliers, experts and professionals really is your one-stop-shop for anything realty related. The conference has grown tremendously over the years and is now widely recognized as the reference for home buyers, sellers and improvers in Toronto.
Every year the show brings together a who’s who of the home and garden world with ideas for home make-overs, renovations, design, style, trends and innovations. At this year’s show you can tour the hottest craze in real estate – a tiny house. You can also check out the latest in kids space design and find out what what’s new in smart home technology. Don’t forget that with spring around the corner, it’s certainly not too early to get some floral inspiration at the garden marketplace – the ideal spot for getting everything you need for your garden.
The National Home Show is the place to be if you have any plans to renovate, extend, redesign, buy or sell your property as it gathers every professional you could need under one roof. Not only does it have all the suppliers and vendors you could want in one place, it also offers conferences and talks from well-known industry professionals and home-and-garden television personalities.
The show has been open since March 11 and runs until this Sunday, March 20, so you still have time to visit. What’s more, if you register for tickets online, you can get $3 off your entrance.
Remember – this is the big one and it only happens once a year, so don’t miss out!

Personal Calendars

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Personal calendars are among the best tools a Toronto realtor can have in their bag of marketing materials. A calendar designed with your name and logo on each page is a daily (and monthly) reminder of your brand and what you have to offer.
The best personal calendars can incorporate a bit of everything your company does – from selling houses, representing buyers, giving back to charity or being involved in community organizations. The ways in which you can fill up a monthly calendar are endless and can be a true reflection of what you offer your clients. Some realtors use the space to promote products or offer discounts to local businesses for cross promotion.
Whether you choose to go with a large monthly calendar, a small desk-top version or a one pager – what you put around the calendar, the images and the branding can all contribute to your marketing strategy.
The large monthly calendar is the best vehicle for displaying large, luxury properties. You can put together a year-long list of gorgeous homes that you have sold to inspire all those to whom you hand out your calendar. It is also a great way of showcasing your charity work or other community involvement.
The small desk calendar is probably the most practical form of calendar to produce as it is something that most people require either in their home or office for quick, easy reference. While not as versatile as the large format, with the right placement of your brand and contact information, it can deliver all of the impact that you need.
The one-page calendar is another very convenient model to produce as many realtors or businesses use both sides completely. Since most of these one-pages are used to stick on refrigerators in the kitchen for quick reference, one side usually includes the calendar and the other side can either be a full page reference to your brand or it can contain handy kitchen measurements – which means that people would hang on to it for longer than just the one year.
Producing a calendar doesn’t have to just be for your business – it can also be for your friends and family and producing a family calendar is a great way to stay in touch and to offer a more personal and touching present to your loved ones.
Regardless of the format or reason that you choose to produce a calendar, Imaginahome Inc can help you get exactly what you want at the price that suits your wallet best. Give them a call today to see how they can assist.

Greeting Cards

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When done right greeting cards can brighten up a day, bring a smile to a face and keep your business at the forefront of a customer’s mind. Custom greeting cards are one of the best ways a Toronto realtor can keep in touch with their clients. However, getting the cards done right is important. Sending a generic greeting card can have the opposite effect on a customer as it sends a signal that your business isn’t established enough to have a solid brand look.
The power of brand
Growing your brand is very important and establishing your brand is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. Once you have a brand, it is important that all of your marketing efforts and materials reflect your brand promise, vision and mission. Therefore, custom greeting cards must take into consideration your brand identity and communicate this to your customers.
Greeting cards are one of those very versatile marketing tools that can be used in for nearly any communication application. Whether you want to just say “hi” to remind your customers of your business, to send birthday or any other milestone wishes, to mark an anniversary or special event – sending a greeting card is one of the best ways to communicate your message. The added beauty of the greeting card design means that you can tailor your message and images to suit your needs.
Getting it right
The only way to get the kind of greeting cards for your business that will enhance your services and appeal to your personal clients, is to work with a marketing firm specialized in the custom greeting card creations. Imaginahome Inc. has been creating customer greeting cards for many years have have perfected the art of customizing marketing materials to reflect a business’ brand perfectly.
Creating a bank of customized greeting cards that you can draw on through the year for your marketing needs is a great way of ensuring you have the tools you need at your disposal throughout the year. Imaginahome Inc would be happy to help you create your custom designed greeting cards. Contact us today to see what we can offer you.

Custom Designed Real Estate Marketing Materials

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Custom designed homes deserve to be showcased properly – and giving them custom designed marketing materials is only fitting. In a hot real estate market like Toronto’s, a property needs all of the support it can get to stand out from the rest of the field. While traditional real estate marketing methods such as the sign in front of the house and newspaper listings are still widely used, it is now necessary to tailor your marketing goals to suit the home you are selling.
Online listings are derigeur and one of the new “must-have” tools in any realtor’s arsenal, however, not just any listing will do. Custom online listings can include video tours of the property, voice-over narration describing the home and community, maps of the surrounding neighbourhood and professional photo galleries. A simple online listing stating the name of the community in which a property is found, the details of the property and a short description might suffice for an ordinary home – but if you have a luxury listing then it is important to showcase it properly. The proper marketing environment can actually boost the sales price and shorten the time that a listing is on the market.Our new look reflects our future direction and growth. Alongside our existing array of services, we are pleased to announce the addition of several forward-looking tools specially designed for realtors who understand how the use of leading technology can boost their listings. The new services include:
Print Materials
Again when it comes to brochures, foldouts and other forms of print marketing for real estate listings, custom creations are the way to go. Generic hand-outs might work for regular listings, but high-end homes require a finesse that can only be found in a custom creation. Professional photography, original copy writing and distinctive layouts can all go a long way toward positioning a property in a new or more captivating light. Whether you choose a regular postcard, a brochure or an executive folder to promote your listing, the quality will determine whether it is marketing money well spent or not. 
In order to stay competitive and to meet the ever-changing and demanding needs of luxury home-buyers everywhere, we have enhanced the tools that we offer realtors. You need to properly showcase your high-end homes and we have the means to help you create the exclusive and unique experience required to set your property listings apart from the rest.
Marketing your real estate listing has become a very specialized field and is one that requires the expertise of marketers who know how best to promote property listings. Imaginahome Inc. is proud to be one of the first such firms in the GTA. Through the years we have honed our craft, expanded our offerings and grown in size to accommodate even the most ambitious of projects.
Give us a call today to see how we can customize your real estate marketing materials to get you that fast, efficient sale.

New and Improved Website!

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Welcome to the new and improved Imaginahome website!
Our new look reflects our future direction and growth. Alongside our existing array of services, we are pleased to announce the addition of several forward-looking tools specially designed for realtors who understand how the use of leading technology can boost their listings. The new services include:
– Aerial photography
– Video tours
– 360 degree tours
– 3D immersive tours
– HD videos
– Voice-over narration
In order to stay competitive and to meet the ever-changing and demanding needs of luxury home-buyers everywhere, we have enhanced the tools that we offer realtors. You need to properly showcase your high-end homes and we have the means to help you create the exclusive and unique experience required to set your property listings apart from the rest.
What’s more – every week we cover an interesting topic in our blog related to the real estate market – whether it is home renovations, gardening or financing your first property, we’ve got the latest trends, tips and trusted advice to guide you along the real estate road.
Looking for real estate news? We’ve got that too – think of Imaginahome as your definitive source for Toronto real estate and real estate marketing news and needs.
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Real Estate New Beginnings

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Buying a new home is one of the best examples of declaring a new beginning. Not only does it signal a shift from what you are leaving behind, but it gives you a chance to make a mark on what you are heading to. Whether you are a first time home buyer or a veteran house flipper, finding that perfect dwelling is always a fantastic feeling.

The Toronto real estate market provides significant challenges for buyers of all stripes. Given the city’s red-hot property sector and the price tags that most homes in the city boast, it is no wonder that preparing to enter the home ownership market requires forethought, discipline and a lot of careful planning. However, it is not a challenge that is insurmountable and so thousands of homebuyers close on their next residence every year.

Moving can be an emotional time for all parties involved. If you are a first time homebuyer then the feeling of owning your own place is definitely heady and sometimes overwhelming. If you are transitioning to a larger home, then you can experience the joy of moving up in the property game; in either scenario you are leaving one way of life behind and starting a new one. These new beginnings can be fraught with anxiety over moving costs, notarial fees, taxes and other ancillary elements involved in home ownership, but it also includes such happy moments as getting the keys in your hands for the first time and entering the house as the new owner, choosing the paint palate you want and dressing the windows with your favorite treatments. A new home is a chance to start all over; to really imprint your design ideas and stylistic vision to a property.

With the old year coming to a close and a new one just around the corner, if you were thinking about purchasing or selling your home, now is the time to start getting your financial house in order so that you know exactly how much you can afford to spend on a mortgage. In the New Year, we will discuss how to put together a proper budget so that you can most accurately forecast just how well you can afford to live with the fixed expenses that a home and mortgage entail.

Starting anew is always a fun yet intimidating experience than can be made less so with simple preparation. We look forward to helping you start your New Year off on the path that will lead straight into the home of your dreams.

Canadian Housing Market Outlook 2015

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Real estate in Canada has seen steady growth for many years now. The Canadian real estate market has defied global trends by outperforming markets in other countries year after year. Even after subprime mortgages led to the near collapse of the US housing market in 2008[1] and the dire predictions that Canada’s real estate sector was sure to follow, we continued to post gains in our residential property market. The strength of our real estate sector is due in large part to continued low interest rates, a mortgage market largely insured by the government-funded (taxpayer funded) CMHC and stricter lending practices than in the US. However, according to many experts, the gain train might be slowing. In 2014 the global residential property market was uneven with countries either showing growth or softness depending on the nation’s economy. Canada is one of the countries that came out ahead in this respect, posting housing price increases of 6% year-over-year. While this is a reflection of the country’s average increase, it really is an expression of the strong gains seen in the prime markets of Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto[2]. Short-to-Medium Term Outlook The short-term outlook for the Canadian housing market including the Toronto residential property sector remains rosy but cautious as talk of rising interest rates might dissuade first time buyers from entering the market. However, as interest rates have not yet started to rise, it is likely that those who want to get into the real estate market before the rates increase will do so in the short term. As Toronto is one of the country’s most expensive housing markets, it can expect to see a growth of less than 3%[3], which is less than half of what is projected for the rest of the country. However, given the cyclical nature of the property market, experts are expecting that the upward trend will start to slow and the sector will enter a downward phase in the medium-term. According to Scotiabank’s Global Real Estate Trends Report published on Oct. 9, 2014: “We expect home sales will slow in 2015 and beyond alongside a gradual upward drift in borrowing costs, tempering new and resale prices over the next several years.” While Toronto’s property prices are considered to be stretched in the metropolitan areas, the suburbs and the larger Ontario real estate market have a more moderated outlook as valuations have not yet been saturated by accelerated growth. However, given the attractiveness of living in the urban centre and the desire by many new home owners for a shorter commute to their workplace and a distinct trend in leading a “green lifestyle” by living and working within walking distance of all services, don’t expect housing prices in Toronto’s core to drop by very much either in the short term or the long term. [1] //bit.ly/1y55APD [2] //bit.ly/1z9uEad [3] //bit.ly/1z9uEad