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Remodeling mistakes to avoid

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When it comes to remodeling your Toronto home, it is important to take several factors into consideration before spending your hard-earned money. After all, not every reno carries the same value or worth for future buyers. If you are simply remodelling to satisfy your own wants and don’t plan to sell anytime soon, then you…

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Time for a swim!

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Toronto summers can be hot. And, having a pool to jump in at the end of the day can really make a difference to your estival enjoyment. Pools come in many shapes and sizes, but recent innovations means that even homes with smaller yards can install a place to splash about in without compromising too…

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Shine a light!

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Summer in Toronto is garden season! And some of the city’s gardens are nothing short of spectacular. Whether your garden is little more than flowers in pots lining your patio or you have a ravine lot brimming with old growth trees and perennial flower beds, one element that can really spruce up your surroundings and…

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Fire pit safety

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Fire pits have become a hot backyard item in Toronto. They are great for bringing family and friends together on chilly evenings to enjoy the outdoors. They extend the time you can use your backyard well past summer into late fall and they are also attractive features that add charm to a yard and they…

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Decking ideas

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It’s summer in Toronto and that means barbeque season has started! Enjoying the outdoors at home is easily done if you have a great deck or patio to host your warm weather activities. Today we’ll look at decks – specifically at the options for edgings and railings. Both elements can really upgrade and change the…

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Cannabis and your home insurance

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Now that cannabis is legal in Toronto, and also all across Canada, it is a good time to talk about how the consumption and/or growing of marijuana in your home can impact your home insurance rates. Insurance companies regard smoking weed in your Toronto home in a similar fashion to smoking cigarettes. Just as smoking…

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Grease and Tree Sap Removal

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If the concrete structures of your Toronto home have stains caused by grease or grime – there are ways of cleaning them without resorting to a pressure washer. Although using a pressure washer to get ground in dirt and grease out of your driveway, walkway or siding might seem like a great idea, it can…

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Spring Cleaning Time!

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Spring has arrived in Toronto and with it brings the urge to clean-up after a long and arduous winter. This year, instead of stopping at the usual clean-up of walls, windowsm, furniture, ceilings and floors, why not take it a step further? In the spirit of Marie Kondo, try decluttering to simplify you home and…

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What to do in case of flooding

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With the rainy spring that Toronto has been hit with this year, many homeowners who live by bodies of water are scrambling to protect their homes from rising water levels. However, there are ways that you can protect yourself from rainy days and their devastating effects on a house. Whether you are just building your…

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Keep Your Toronto Home Dry During the Spring Thaw

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Spring is one of the most dangerous times of year for Toronto homes and water damage. Thawing snow has an insidious way of infiltrating roof seams, windows and doors to cause damage to interior structures and finishes. Unchecked water build-up from snow melt can also affect foundations and lead to severe damage if left unchecked.…

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