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Living Simply: The Art of Minimalist Living

Living simply might be a concept hard to grasp in our modern age. With houses increasing in size even as our families shrink in number, consumer goods proliferating our media and calls to buy, buy, buy hitting our senses at every turn, we can certainly be forgiven for thinking that the only way to live…

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2017 Decorating Trends

Decorating your Toronto home is a highly subjective affair. However, if you are like a lot of homeowners out there, then you will want to know what the upcoming trends are in order to spruce up your place for the summer season. While a number of the trends are whimsical and won’t last longer than…

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Getting the right interior design

Making a statement in your Toronto home takes little more than imagination and an inspired design. As easy as that sounds, for some, conjuring up a powerful interior design can be difficult. However, by breaking down beautiful rooms, you will see that they all follow some very basic principals – and if you follow those…

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The Beauty of Mosaics

Mosaics can enhance the beauty of your Toronto home in a unique and utterly enchanting way. The ancient art of creating mosaics goes back through the centuries to antiquity and was one of the preeminent forms of adorning homes in the ancient world. In fact, some of those ancient works were so beautifully inlaid and…

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The Many Uses of Concrete

You can be forgiven for thinking that the only use of concrete for your Toronto home would be exterior and functional – nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, concrete is a very versatile and easy to use material that can be manipulated to fit whatever need you have with little fuss. The…

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Exposed beams

Exposed beams in your Toronto home can be a spectacular way of increasing the character of your rooms. Whether you choose to place them in a principal living area, in a casual recreation room or in a bedroom, the one thing that an exposed beam can deliver is style!   The traditional look of an…

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Anchoring a Room for Maximum Impact

If you want each room in our Toronto home to stand out, you will have to find some kind of anchor or focal point that will attract attention and around which you can build the rest of your décor. Whether this element is something grand, such as a fireplace, or more of a background feature,…

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The National Home Show

Calling all home and garden enthusiasts! The big event everyone waits for will be starting up next week. The Toronto National Home Show will happen from March 10-19 at the Enercare Centre Exhibition Place. The week-long conference brings together 700 of the best that North America has to offer from every aspect of homeownership and…

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Window treatments: drapes vs blinds

Window treatments can really change the look and feel of a room in your Toronto home. Depending on your choice of covering it can either increase its formality, add glamour and glitz or impart a laid-back bohemian feel to your setting. What you decide on will greatly be influenced by your overall design theme.  …

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Choosing a wall covering

Choosing a wall covering for your Toronto home can be a tough decision. Do you paint? Do you wallpaper? Do you add mouldings? A chair rail? The choice of what you can do with walls is endless and limited only by your imagination. Some executive homes boast full murals reminiscent of European palaces while textured…

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