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Happy New Year!

The holiday season signals that another year has flown by – and by any account it’s been another successful one over at Imaginahome and we are tremendously grateful to all those who have contributed to our success and growth in 2015. We want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday…

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Walk-in Closets

Walk-in closets are a feature that has grown in popularity and size in the last couple of decades. Whereas the single closet gave way to the double closet, today’s standard in luxury is definitely the walk-in. With consumer culture taking off at lightning speed, the necessity of a walk-in closet was soon apparent and builders…

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The Master Retreat

The master bedroom in Toronto is the one place in new homes that has grown more than any other. In the past master bedrooms were slightly larger than the children’s bedrooms and had a slightly larger closet as well. Over time this principal bedroom in a house has steadily increased in size while the closet…

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Fun Kids Room Ideas

When it comes to decorating – no design project can beat the thrill of decorating a kid’s bedroom. Given their vivid imaginations and exuberant sense of fun, the sky really is the limit when it comes to designing and appointing these spaces. Naturally bright colours and light will play integral roles in any design for…

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The perfect lounge

When setting up a lounge in your Toronto home – whether a formal living room or a casual family room, the idea is to create a stylish space for relaxation where family and guests alike will feel welcome and at-ease. Regardless of the space you have to work with there are certain tips and tricks…

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Should you convert an extra bedroom into an ensuite?

The question of converting an existing bedroom into a master ensuite is a good one – especially in a hot Toronto market. Unfortunately, there is no straight-forward answer to this dilemma. Whether such a decision is a good one or not will depend on several factors and it is best to gauge the sentiments of…

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Matterport: The Future of Real Estate Imaging

Matterport 3D imaging is the future of real estate marketing and Imaginahome is already a veteran of this cutting-edge technology. Offering this forward-looking benefit since the spring of 2015 has helped Imaginahome master the finer points of this incredible technology. By placing cameras at strategic points in a home, every detail of a residence is…

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The Best Bathroom

The best bathroom ideas are those that will maximize your ensuite’s space and functionality while increasing its architectural and design appeal. Finding a style that closely matches the tone and ambiance found in the rest of your home is another good idea as this will help your bathroom to blend into the context of your…

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Lifestyle Renos that Don’t Add to your Bottom Line

Most homeowners will want to customize the look and ambiance of their home to suit their lifestyle, regardless of how new or modern the finishes. In Toronto, dropping half a million dollars on a home no longer mean getting the house of your dreams – but simply getting a house, that you can turn into…

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Increase your home’s value with smart renos

Increasing your home’s value might seem like a no-brainer – just update old fixtures and floors, add a coat of paint and maybe do a full-scale reno or two. However, getting the most out of your renovation dollars means renovating your property smartly. There are certain elements of a home that will automatically fetch more…

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