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Lifestyle Renos that Don’t Add to your Bottom Line

Most homeowners will want to customize the look and ambiance of their home to suit their lifestyle, regardless of how new or modern the finishes. In Toronto, dropping half a million dollars on a home no longer mean getting the house of your dreams – but simply getting a house, that you can turn into…

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Green Home Architecture

Green architecture are buzzwords that are gaining in strength and credence as more people begin to understand what the craze is about. In the not-too-distant past, people were understandably wary of green home architecture as the eco-friendly buildings produced in that category were not as comfortable or inviting as standard homes. However, big strides have…

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Buying a Toronto Resale Home

Buying a resale home in Toronto is much the same as purchasing one in any other part of the country. Resale properties can be several different things – fixer-uppers that will permit you to buy into the neighbourhood of your choice, turnkey in a mature community with all of the services and infrastructure already in…

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Buying a Toronto Condo or House Off-Plan

Toronto’s property market has yielded excellent returns on investment over the last decade-and-a half, so it is not surprising that so many people are eager to jump into this booming sector before they are completely priced out. As it is the cost of buying a home in the city is prohibitive for many young executives…

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First Time Fixer-Upper In Toronto

First-time homebuying in any city can be stressful, when it’s in a city like Toronto where the property market is sizzling, the pressure to find a good deal is even greater. Many buyers who want the best value for their money opt to invest in a fixer-upper. Here are some answers to the concerns you…

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Toronto Down Payments and Closing Costs

The Toronto real estate market is a very competitive one with housing prices being the second highest in Canada. Therefore knowing how much you should save for a down payment can be a tough decision. After all, conventional wisdom says that 20% of the house price is what you should typically put down when buying.…

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Financial Aid for First Time Toronto Home Buyers

Toronto is the second priciest city in Canada when it comes to home-buying. It is therefore no surprise that along with a sizeable down payment, many first-time homebuyers need other forms of financial assistance when it comes to making that leap from renting to buying. There are a few incentive programs designed to encourage first…

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Real Estate Resolutions

Entering the Ontario property market can be a daunting thought. However, with the New Year just hours away, there’s never been a better time to buckle down your short list of Toronto real estate goals to start the next twelve months off on solid footing. You can now sweep away the old to make way…

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Home for the Holidays

The Toronto real estate sector has given countless families the opportunity to celebrate the holidays in the comfort of their very own residence. Owning your own home means being able to decorate it as you wish, being able to create rituals and being able to build memories that will carry through for a lifetime. Our…

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Toronto’s Trendiest Neighbourhoods

Toronto has always had its fair share of hip and happening communities – those gems of art, culture, indie businesses and street-cred. Homebuyers interested in living in or near such neighborhoods require more than just a roof over their heads – they want a community where artists, students, mom-and-pop shops, restos and galleries thrive. They…

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