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The Best Bathroom

The best bathroom ideas are those that will maximize your ensuite’s space and functionality while increasing its architectural and design appeal. Finding a style that closely matches the tone and ambiance found in the rest of your home is another good idea as this will help your bathroom to blend into the context of your…

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Upping Your Curb Appeal

The first impression anyone has of your home is what they see when they pull up in front of your door. Whether you have a one-bedroom studio townhouse or a palatial estate set on several acres of land, your home’s curb appeal will be what people take away from your property. How your home presents…

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Exterior Cladding – Getting it Right

The exterior cladding or finishing material of your home has more than just an esthetic value – it is what will protect your home’s structure from the elements, keep critters away and keep you warm and dry on the inside. The kind of cladding you choose will depend on the climate in which you live,…

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