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Tips to installing an awesome water feature

Water features add an enchanting and natural feel to any yard. Whether you are in the heart of a big city or on a secluded lot in the countryside, installing a fountain on your grounds will add value and pleasure to your how you experience your dwelling. However, prior to adding any kind of water…

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Gorgeous Gazebos

Installing a gazebo at your Toronto home can be as easy or as complicated as you wish to make it. Finding the perfect gazebo for your yard will involve several steps including deciding on it’s placement, how it will be anchored, the material it will be made out of and it’s permanence. Once you have…

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Making the most of the sunshine with solar panels

Sunshine is great for more than just tanning and warming yourself at the beach – it is also a terrific way to get the lighting and heating you need for garden projects at your Toronto home. Whether you are looking for an alternative way to heat your pool or want some low-maintenance ways to light…

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Alternative heating sources for your pool

Nothing beats a swimming pool in the summertime! If you are fortunate enough to have a swimming pool at your Toronto home, then you likely have had to consider the options when it came to heating sources. Although a warm summer can sufficiently heat a pool for maximum enjoyment, our weather rarely leaves room for…

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porch vs portico

The difference between a porch and portico

Ever wondered whether your Toronto home has a porch or portico? You are not alone! While very similar, the two structures serve different purposes.   A porch is an extension of your home’s living space and usually runs the length of your facade. It is generally covered and used for sitting and relaxing or even…

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Choosing the Right Walkway

The walkway leading to your front door is an integral part of your Toronto home’s curbside appeal. Without a decent-looking walkway your home will look incomplete and unfinished. The kind of look you want for your property will dictate the kind of material that you choose for your walkway. In fact, walkways can run the…

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Sprucing Up your Front Porch

Sprucing up the front porch of your Toronto home to make it more welcoming is not very hard to do. In fact, depending on the start of repair of your front stoop, usually it doesn’t require much more than some well placed potted plants and/or a coat of paint to really take things up a…

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Loveable Lofts

Lofts are usually added to Toronto homes to gain square footage. However, sometimes lofts are added intentionally to create a sense of fun and offer homeowners the opportunity to create a less structured, more versatile space. Lofts are great as dens, offices, lounges, bedrooms and suites. They can be given a separate entrance and used…

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How to convert an attic

Converting an attic into a room or loft in your Toronto home is a terrific way to gain space without the threat of zoning restrictions to hamper your construction. The useable space in an attic is the ideal way to increase your home’s living space without extensively adding to its foundation or footprint. There are…

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The Best Flooring for a Basement

Basement flooring used to be limited due to the high moisture content found in below-grade rooms. However, times are changing and there is now a nice selection of materials from which to choose when redoing your basement floor. Just keep in mind that a concrete slab is a porous material is prone to moisture. So,…

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